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GAF Metal Roof Repair in Wayne, NJ

Homeowners often face numerous challenges regarding metal roof repair, from finding the right contractor to dealing with insurance. The process can be overwhelming, especially when unexpected weather events like storms cause severe damage to your roof. This unexpected damage is where Matute Roofing comes in. 

As a GAF-certified contractor, we offer you peace of mind by providing top-notch metal roof repair services in Wayne, NJ, and surrounding areas. With over 20 years of experience, our team of skilled professionals is equipped to handle any roof repair, ensuring your home remains secure and comfortable regardless of the weather conditions. Don’t let roof issues add to your stress. Contact us at 973-618-6489 for a free consultation, and let us help you navigate the complexities of metal roof repair.

How Does Our Metal Roof Repair Work?

When Matute Roofing steps into the picture, we thoroughly inspect your residential property, pinpointing areas that need our expert attention. It’s not uncommon for roofs to require repairs, particularly after bouts of extreme weather. Our dedicated team is on hand to identify the problem and restore your roof to its optimum condition. Regardless of the size or scale of the job – be it a small residential roof or a more extensive project – we approach each task with utmost care and professionalism. We firmly believe that your satisfaction is key to our service. In line with this ethos, we strive to keep you informed about every step of our repair process and are always ready to address any queries. At Matute Roofing, our customers are not just a priority – they are at the very heart of what we do.

The Importance of Avoiding Metal Roof Repair

Regular roof maintenance is crucial to ensure the optimal condition of your roof. During these routine check-ups, our specialist team at Matute Roofing can spot any potential issues or irregularities that can avoid costly metal roof repairs. While spotting these issues may lead us to transition from a metal roof maintenance phase to a metal roof repair phase, remember, this is precisely what maintenance is all about – preventing more significant issues down the line.

Our experienced team is equipped to handle any roofing problem, regardless of size. Whether your need is as simple as regular metal roof maintenance or something more extensive, we are here to adjust our action plan accordingly. We meticulously examine your metal roof to determine any areas requiring repairs. 

Sometimes, after several rounds of repair, considering a roof replacement may be more cost-effective. Regular shingle repairs can become expensive over time, which is another reason consistent roof maintenance is paramount when considering a switch to metal roofing. By closely monitoring your roof condition, we can ensure that minor issues do not evolve into major problems. Remember, at Matute Roofing, we are committed to providing top-tier service, ensuring that the roof over your head is always in the best shape.

You can lower the need for regular maintenance with a metal roof, but that doesn’t mean it is obsolete. Proper maintenance still plays a significant role in keeping the condition of your metal roof. Matute Roofing offers comprehensive maintenance plans to keep your metal roof in top shape, saving you time and money in the long run.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Metal Roof Repair Contractor

Hiring a metal roof repair contractor for your home is a significant decision, and often, many homeowners feel pressed to get their roofs repaired as soon as possible. This urgency, however, could lead to hiring unprofessional or unskilled contractors. You shouldn’t have to worry about the possibility of your roofing contractor delivering subpar work. You and your home deserve the best quality service right from the start. That’s why it’s essential to consider the following before settling on a hiring decision:

  1. Check for the proper licenses.
  2. Verify the coverage the contractor provides.
  3. Ask if your friends or family have hired the contractor you are considering.
  4. Check the contractor’s status with the Better Business Bureau.
  5. Ask if the contractor provides any extensive warranties.
  6. Request written estimates for the work you are planning to undertake.

Here at Matute Roofing, we guarantee the highest quality of service. Our team of trained and skilled metal roof repair contractors will ensure your roof is in its best condition. We are committed to providing you with the best roofing contracting experience in the state. Whether your roofing problem is big or small, we have a contractor for you. No question goes unnoticed with your roof when you hire our team of experts!

Common Issues That Cause Metal Roof Repairs

As your trusted partner in metal roof repair, we at Matute Roofing understand the various factors that can cause damage to your rooftop. Here is a rundown of the common causes we often encounter during our services:

  • Storms: Storms can cause significant water and hail damage to your roof. Wind can rip off improperly installed panels and blow debris on your roof. 
  • Tree Limbs: If a tree limb falls on your roof or through your roof, we can help! Depending on the scope of the damage, we can do simple repairs to your roof. While this rarely happens with a metal roof, shingle damage is possible. This is an excellent opportunity to invest in a metal roof installation
  • Snow Damage: Snow can weigh your roof down, causing damage. It is essential to repair your roof after snow damage and check it before the winter season. 
  • Leaky Roofs: If you notice your roof leaking, it may be a simple fix. Yet, it could also signify a more significant problem, such as rot. It is best to call an expert immediately if you notice a leaky roof.  
  • Leaky Pipe Collars, Flashing, and Chimneys: All these elements may show you need your roof repaired. If you have a chimney, any potential or impending damages can severely damage the rest of the house.   
  • Loose and Damaged Metal Panels: Improperly installed metal panels may become loose over time. Also, they can harbor rot or mildew underneath if not secured correctly. If you notice missing panels or moss growing between those panels, call the experts at Matute Roofing as soon as possible.  
  • Fascia Wind Damage: Fascia is a piece of wood or another roofing material covering the ends of rafters. This part of your roof is especially prone to wind damage. If you notice damage, call an expert to have your roof repaired.  
  • Rotting Wood: Over time, wood can experience rot and decay. These signs of aging can impact the structural integrity of your roof and make you sick. Although the rot can likely be fixed or repaired, a total roof replacement is likely needed.  
  • Damaged Venting: Damaged venting is a sure sign your roof needs repair! Like the causes above of roof damage, your vents can sustain damage for similar reasons.  
  • Collapsed Roofs: You will probably notice if your roof collapses! This event is something that you cannot put off. It damages your home and could also result in danger for you and your family. Call an expert immediately for repairs.  

No damages are too big or small for our metal roof repair team to handle! We hire only the best of the best across New Jersey. Call Matute Roofing today at 973-618-6489 to learn more about what we can do to repair your home’s metal roof.

Know When You Need Metal Roof Repair Services: Essential Parts of Your Metal Roofing To Inspect

Look out for several aspects of your roof for potential damages. Here are just a few that are important to consider when analyzing the damages made to your roof:

  • Soffit: This portion is the wood area beneath your roof overhang. This region may have holes, cracks, and rotting due to natural elements or animals. Pests are attracted to this area, so pay close attention to these! Make sure you call the team at Matute Roofing as soon as you see any abnormal changes.
  • Gutter: Leaves and water can build up and weigh down your gutters. This accumulation can result in damage! Make sure to clean gutters often and check for damage. Unclean gutters not only look gross but can accumulate some severe damage, as well.
  • Flashing: This term is the material around pipes and vents on your roof. This area is prone to water leaks and damage. If you see any leaks or cracks around your roof fixtures, do not hesitate to call Matute Roofing. We can inspect and see what exactly is wrong with your flashing area.
  • Fascia: This part is the front area along your roofline. It is sensitive to water and moisture. Since it is wood, you should regularly inspect this area in case of rot.
  • Metal Panels: If you notice discoloration or warping of your metal roof panels, your roof will soon need a scheduled maintenance program or repair. There are many types of roofing options on the market. With this in mind, they need a level of analysis with the same care and attention.

It does not matter what parts of your roof have been damaged because Matute Roofing can repair them. Call our team of experts today to learn more about our residential roof repair services.

Why Trust Us?

At Matute Roofing, we value our customers and take pride in a well-done job. Known for our honesty and fairness, many long-time customers return to Matute Roofing whenever they need metal roof repair services. We love to help people like you find the perfect home renovation solution that matches your budget and needs. Our professional team ensures that each project finishes with great attention to detail. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the results. You can rest assured you’ll receive the best service possible when you work with Matute Roofing.

Many contractors say they are the best at what they do. However, can they prove this? We can! Matute Roofing is a family-owned business. We want to extend that feeling of working with your family to all our clients.

At Matute Roofing, we provide you with many options while giving you advice you know you can trust. Check out our other residential services for further information on roof repair, maintenance, and replacement. In addition, we offer window replacements and installations, gutter repairs, and gutter cover installations. You can also contact us by filling out a contact form or calling 973-618-6489 to speak to our team.


Matute Roofing provides roofing industry-leading warranty coverage for roof replacement services that covers materials and labor, should you need any future roofing repairs.


Affordable No Hassel Financing! There are many financing options for roof replacement and repair projects in New Jersey. The Financing includes low monthly payments and no prepayment penalties.


Matute Roofing is fully insured and licensed with The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. We obtain all the necessary roofing permits and you avoid all of the hassel!


We are registered as a Roofing Contractor with The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. Learn more about us from the Better Business Bureau or from references which we will gladly provide to you.

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