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Roof Financing

Commercial Roofing Financing

Matute Roofing has affordable, no-hassle commercial roof financing to meet your roofing needs!

Are you looking for:

  • An experienced roofing company
  • A company that uses quality materials for their projects
  • Excellent customer service
  • Commercial roofing financing options
  • A company that can handle the commercial roof financing process for you

Matute Roofing is here for you.

When You May Need Roof Work Done

Your roof doesn’t always need to undergo significant damage before work may need to be done. In fact, keeping your roof properly maintained can save you money in the long run as full repairs can be expensive. Whether your business needs a repair or routine maintenance, Matute Roofing offers both along with commercial roofing financing. Your business’ roof may need work if you notice:

  • Shingles cupping or curled
  • Bald spots where granules are missing
  • Cracked shingles
  • Your roof is looking old and worn
  • Dark streaks
  • The roof is at least 20 years old

We Understand

We know running a business can be stressful and a lot of work. You have to make a lot of tough decisions after all. Let us make the “how I am going to afford that new roof?” decision easy for you.

Whether you can afford to fix your roof out of pocket shouldn’t keep you from making the upgrades necessary to keep business moving. Limited funds stall business and keep you from doing what you love, providing services and products to your loyal customers. And when the project is finished, customers will take notice that your facilities are updated and will respect your office or storefront even more because of it.

Here at Matute Roofing, streamlining the process for you is important to us. It means getting to work for you sooner so that you can get back to running your business. So, to make your next project easier, we’ll handle the commercial roofing financing process for you. We’re not in the lending business, and we do not profit from it. Our goal is to provide the roofing improvements you desire as hassle-free as possible.

GreenSky® Financing

We have partnered with GreenSky® to bring you the best commercial roofing financing options available and usually a credit decision can be made within minutes of submitting your application. GreenSky® offers financing from a number of industries including home improvement, healthcare, retail and e-commerce. In the home improvement industry, they offer financing for roofing (residential and commercial roofing financing) and remodeling projects to HVAC and home automation projects. Their variety of loan options make them our go to choice for our customers.

The benefits GreenSky® commercial roofing financing offers fit the needs of roofers and their customers perfectly:

  • Offers more options – From types of loans, to materials used, GreenSky gives your customers the power to choose. Unsecured financing can be an attractive option as well
  • Give customers the best value – Applicants can be approved for additional credit so customers can go beyond just basic projects
  • Save your customers cash – Staged funding allows customers to finance their down payment so they don’t have to come up with cash


Rates and payments are based on your credit and on bank approval.

  • Unsecured commercial roofing financing with no fees, no points, no closing costs
  • Payment plans with low monthly payments
  • No interest plans with payments *
  • No interest plans with NO payments *
  • Reduced rate APR
  • Equal payments with NO interest

*Because our commercial roof financing is provided by third-party lenders, like GreenSky®, the terms and conditions are arranged directly between the customer and lender. All offers are subject to approval of credit requirements and satisfactory completion of finance documents. Any finance terms advertised are estimates only.

Financing Programs

  • Unsecured revolving loans at competitive low rates and with very low minimum payments.
  • Zero interest unsecured revolving loans
  • Mortgages – Equity lines
  • Construction loans
  • Low equity financing

GAF Master Elite Roofer

When you hire a Matute Roofing commercial contractor, you are hiring a GAF Master Elite Roofer. GAF, which is short for General Aniline and Film, certification is rare. Only 3% of all roofing contractors in the United States are certified as GAF Master Elite Roofers.

What does that mean for you? Well, all of our commercial and residential roofing contractors are certified by GAF Materials Corporation. The commercial roofing contractor you hire will be:

  • Properly Licensed
  • Licensed by our state (or province) to perform roofing work
  • Adequately insured for your protection
  • Known for our reputation for providing quality roofing services throughout the community
  • Committed to Ongoing Professional Training to ensure quality installation
  • You do not need to worry about making the wrong choice in commercial contractors when you hire one of ours!

Contact Us Today About Your Commercial Roofing Needs!

We proudly serve many counties in New Jersey. If your business is in need of a new roof or roofing updates and improvements but you’re looking for commercial roofing financing options, Matute Roofing has you covered. We’ll facilitate the commercial roofing financing process for you so you can focus on what’s important, making the best decisions for your business.

Don’t let updates to your office or storefront keep you from successfully running your business. Let Matute Roofing complete your next project, fill out a contact form or call 973-618-6489 today for an estimate.

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Why Use Matute Roofing


Matute Roofing provides roofing industry-leading warranty coverage for roof replacement services that covers materials and labor, should you need any future roofing repairs.


Affordable No Hassel Financing! There are many financing options for roof replacement and repair projects in New Jersey. The Financing includes low monthly payments and no prepayment penalties.


Matute Roofing is fully insured and licensed with The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. We obtain all the necessary roofing permits and you avoid all of the hassel!


We are registered as a Roofing Contractor with The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. Learn more about us from the Better Business Bureau or from references which we will gladly provide to you.