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The Pros and Cons of Skylights: How They Affect Your Roof


Skylights can be a great addition to any home. They bring in natural light, making a space feel airier and more open. They are an excellent addition to any home. However, there are also some drawbacks to installing skylights in your home. Matute Roofing cares about the health of your roof and the safety of your home and family. That’s why we want to ensure all pros and cons are considered before installing a skylight in your home. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of skylights so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not they are suitable for you and your roof. Contact Matute Roofing to learn more about roofing repairs, or visit our website!

beautifully installed skylights


Skylights bring in natural light.

One of the most significant factors for installing a skylight is that they allow you to bring sunlight into your home without having to open up your windows. This can be a great way to save on energy costs in the winter, as you won’t have to heat your home as much during the daytime. Not to mention, if you have a smaller, dark room, such as an attic, this is a great option to brighten it up.

Skylights make a space feel open

Skylights can make even the smallest room in your home feel more open and airy. If you have a skylight in your bathroom, for example, it will feel less claustrophobic than if there were no skylight.


There are many options for the type of skylight you can install. No longer are you limited to choosing between just size and shape. You can now decide what type of skylight you are looking for. Some examples include the roof access skylight, a fresh air skylight (this opens up to allow in fresh air like a typical window), and a curved flat roof skylight. This will vary depending on the company you choose.



Leaks are the most common problem with skylights. This happens when the sealant around the skylight breaks down, allowing moisture to get in. If you have a leaky skylight, it’s essential to get it fixed as soon as possible because it can cause severe damage to your home.

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Another common issue with skylights is that they can get fogged up over time. This happens when the sealant around the skylight breaks down, allowing moisture to get in.

Heating and Cooling

Another issue with skylights is that they can make your home hotter in the summer and colder in the winter. This is because they let in heat from the sun in the summer and lose heat in the winter. If you have a skylight, you may need more energy to heat or cool your home.

How Your Roof Will Be Affected By Skylights

If installed properly, a skylight will not cause your roof to become weaker. However, a skylight can increase the likelihood of leakage. Installing a skylight requires a lot of consideration for size, placement, and shape. That’s why it is essential to do your research and find an excellent company to install your skylight.

A worker installing skylights

Asphalt Roofs

Skylights can also be a problem if you have an asphalt shingle roof. This is because the weight of the skylight can cause the shingles to crack and break. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, it’s essential to check it regularly for any damage. If you find that your roof has been damaged, repairs should be conducted as soon as possible to avoid more extensive issues. Contact Matute Roofing or visit our website to learn more about roof repairs!

Roof Warranty

Finally, having a skylight can void the warranty on your roof. This is because most manufacturers consider skylights to be a “roof penetration.” So, if you have a skylight and something goes wrong with your roof, the manufacturer may not cover the repairs. This does vary depending on your warranty, but you should research to check if your roof will be covered.

Precautions To Take With New Skylights

Often, when skylights are installed, you will have to have new edges added to your roof. This is to make sure that the skylight doesn’t leak. Make sure you get this done by a professional, or it could cost you more money in the long run.

The most accessible type of skylight to install is, surprisingly, for flat roofs. However, they are versatile and can be installed on slopes of your roof or over attics. It is vital to speak with a professional about your home’s specific construction to ensure it is placed where it should avoid the possibility of damage.

Overall, skylights can be both good and bad for your home. They can add natural light and ventilation, but they can also be a source of leaks and damage. If you’re thinking about installing a skylight, be sure to do your research and talk to a professional before making a decision. Matute Roofing will be here throughout the process to assist in any damage caused by your skylight. If you already have a skylight installed in your home, check it regularly for leaks or damage to the surrounding shingles. Contact us at 973-618-6489, or visit our website to learn more about our repair services and set up your maintenance!

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