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Metal Roofing Types: What type of Metal is Right for Your Roof?

Metal Roofing Types: What type of Metal is Right for Your Roof?

When selecting metal roofing for your residential home, it is essential to consider the metal’s properties and which metal roof type works best for your particular climate and environment.

While metal roofs have been around for quite some time, they are  increasingly popular. As homeowners explore longer-lasting roofing materials and those requiring less maintenance, metal roofs are becoming a choice for informed customers. Metal roofs come in many styles and metal types, from the traditional standing seam, look to corrugated sheets and even copper or stainless steel.

If unsure what would be an appropriate option for your home, speaking to a professional from Matute Roofing about the metal roof types available is a significant first step. Our knowledgeable team will help you discover the best option to be the first line of defense from inclement weather and add the beauty you desire to your home. Don’t waste time or put off your roofing replacement; contact the best roofer in the Wayne, NJ area – Matute Roofing!


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Types of Metal Roofs:

  • Aluminum Roofing- This lightweight material is known for being the go-to material for those living in coastal environments. It is resistant to corrosion, making it a perfect seashore choice.
  • Copper Roofing– This long-lasting roof material develops a beautiful green patina over time. This protective layer makes it a desirable material but comes at a cost. Cooper roofing is the most expensive metal roofing material.
  • Tin Roofing– This metal roofing type is no longer commercially used. Today, when you hear the phrase “tin roof,” professionals and homeowners probably refer to steel.
  • Zinc Roofing– As a very long-lasting and expensive roofing material, zinc roofs also have patinas. The process can take up to 30 years! While 70% of Europe’s residential roofs are made of zinc, it’s less popular in the US but is growing. 
  • Steel Roofing– This is the most common type of metal roofing available in different finishes. The reason behind its popularity is the level of strength it provides. Steel roofs are also less expensive and more fire-resistant, even without an underlayment.


Benefits of a Metal Roof Over Other Roofing Types

The benefits of metal roofing over other roofing types are undeniable. Metal roofing is highly durable, lightweight, economical, and energy-efficient. It lasts decades without extensive repairs or maintenance and protects against natural elements like wind, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.


  • Long Lasting – Metal roofs have a life expectancy of over 40 years, making them a far superior alternative to other roofing materials, such as single-ply or asphalt shingles. They tend to experience failures about the 20-year mark. The extended lifespan of metal roofing also offsets the higher upfront cost.


  • Safety – Metal roofing materials encompass strong fire retardant properties. Metal roofing won’t burn in the event of a structure fire. This resistance makes the material safe, but if the metal roofing is installed over combustible materials, it can lower the fire resistance rating.


  • Energy Efficiency – Under normal circumstances, a roof and its material facilitate significant heat loss and gain levels if not working correctly. This inefficiency leads to warmer interior summer and colder winter temperatures. Therefore, homeowners experience increasing energy bills. Metal roofing types reflect radiant heat from the sun, reducing heat gain and keeping your home cooler in summer. Metal roofing is not particularly insulating, but it’s effortless to install insulation to metal roofing.


  • Lightweight Materials – Most metal roofing types are lightweight. This contrasts with the heavier alternatives of shingles and hefty roofing tiles. The lightweight properties allow metal roofing to be installed with ease.


  • Environmentally Friendly – Metal roofing types are eco-friendly and sustainable options for homeowners who want to limit their carbon impact. A majority of metal roofing already contains a percentage of recycled material. Once the metal roof reaches the end of its lifespan, it can be entirely recycled, thus preventing part of it from showing up in a landfill.


  • Low Maintenance – Metal roofs’ have an extended lifespan and easy and inexpensive to upkeep. No need worrying about cracking, splitting, corrosion, or mold with metal. Properly installed roofs allow for easy rain and snow to run off. This feature creates a roof requiring no maintenance while looking great and functioning perfectly.


  • Increased Property Value – Metal roofing types can increase your property’s value. Eco-friendly and energy-efficient properties are increasingly in demand. Research shows that buildings with the best energy efficiency ratings command higher rent and resale prices. Metal roofs also come in various styles and colors to match the look of your home. Whether you prefer a more traditional metal roof with ribbed panels or newer metal shingle roofs that mimic the look of other materials, metal roofing is a great option.


Let Us Show You The Difference

Matute Roofing offers metal roof installation and repair services for residential customers in the Wayne, NJ area. Our experienced professionals take all the necessary steps ensuring your new metal roof is installed correctly and safely. We offer quality products from trusted brands and use only the highest-grade metals in our work. Contact us today for more information about metal roof types for residential projects!


Choose Matute Roofing

Matute Roofing, a top-of-the-line roofing company in the New Jersey area, strives to provide exceptional customer service and maintenance, repair, and installation services. As credentialed, licensed, and insured roofing company, we offer over two decades of experience in the industry. Matute Roofing is committed to serving you the finest products that professional and courteous workers deliver. You don’t just have to take our word for it -read our satisfied customer testimonials!


If you require maintenance, repair, or roof replacement, don’t delay – contact Matute Roofing! We know you will be happy with your choice! 

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