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How to Put Up Christmas Lights Without Damaging the Shingle Roof


It’s that time of year again, and many homeowners are getting ready to put up Christmas lights. The only issue is the roofing material: shingle roofs.

The main risk is that you will create holes in your roof, which will eventually cause a leak or expose your roof decking to mold, mildew, and water damage. Another risk is fire, and there is also the risk of a fall or electrocution to the person installing the lights.

Matute Roofing has a few tips on how to set up your Christmas lights without damaging your roof this holiday season!

Shingles Should Be Walked on Gently

Use a sturdy ladder, a grounded outdoor outlet, and lights that have already been tested for shorts for your safety. And try not to walk on the roof unless necessary – and if you’re not comfortable doing so, have someone else do it for you. However, if you must walk on your roof, be sure to do so gently and in soft shoes – and avoid walking on shingles in the heat of the day.

Clean the Roofing Before Putting Up Christmas Lights

There is no point in doing it after, as you will have already damaged some of your shingles! If there are any trees nearby, make sure they do not drop debris on top of the house or around its base.

Place a Tarp Down on The  Roof

Tack the tarp edges down around all sides of your roof with nails or staples, so it doesn’t blow away during the installation of lights and while they stay up.

Lay a second layer underneath, if you like; this will help catch any falling debris from Christmas tree needles (if there is one nearby) and other yard waste that may end up falling on the ground.

Run the Wires  Upwards to the Roofline

Secure your light wires by using twist ties or tape. This will give you a sense of security that they won’t come unplugged during installation, and it also protects them from any stray tree branches or debris falling onto them. You can always use ladders to reach up high for safety.

Avoid Staples & Nails

It’s probably fine if you’re stapling or nailing to the fascia board, wrapping around your eaves, and not going through aluminum fascia but straight into the wood. But never, ever, ever put nails or staples through your shingles to hang lights!

The shingles’ integrity will be compromised when you remove the nails, allowing water to seep in. That means your roof decking will rot, and water will get under the roofing material and flow – potentially resulting in a leak inside the building.

Why So Many Safety Precautions With Holiday Decorations?

Trees and other tall objects can potentially fall on your roof during a snowstorm, so it’s essential to have the best materials that will hang your beautiful Christmas decorations on the roof and will also keep you and your loved ones safe. Your friends and family will love the shingles Matute can provide for you this holiday season. These shingles are compatible with gutter clips used for hanging decorations and Christmas lights. You may ask why there are so many safety precautions for lights and decorations during the holiday season. When you think about how quickly people can get hurt, especially with combustible decorations such as wreaths or garlands around an open flame, it makes sense that we take these extra steps to protect our homes from damage. These shingle roofs last for decades upon decades and for many Christmas’ to come! 

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