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Family-Owned & Operated Roofing Contractors in Wayne, NJ

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Transform Your Home with Matute Roofing's Exceptional Window and Door Replacement Services

Are drafty windows and doors turning your dream home into an energy inefficient, cold-weather challenge? When it comes to your house, there’s no room for compromise on comfort, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Enter Matute Roofing, where we promise quality, care, and comfort to each homeowner we serve.

Our team of qualified installers has your best interests at heart. We ensure that the transformation of your home is not just a renovation but a value addition in every sense. At Matute Roofing, we are your total exterior solution experts. While replacement windows and doors are just the beginning, we extend our expertise to a multitude of services designed to enhance your home’s curb appeal and maximize energy efficiency.

Your Home's Guardian Angels: New Windows

Windows are more than just a means for natural light and fresh air—they are the guardians of your home’s climate. Our window replacement service is a breath of fresh air for homes struggling with faulty, ineffective, or outdated window fixtures. When you choose Matute Roofing, you can expect:

  • Energy Efficiency at its Best: Our modern window solutions are designed to regulate your home’s temperature, meaning lower energy bills year-round.
  • Personalized Design and Aesthetics: Our consultants work with you to determine the best window styles that fit your needs, reflect your taste, and elevate your home’s architectural beauty.
  • Healthier Home Environment: Up-to-date technology means better insulation, reducing the likelihood of mold and moisture build-up, and keeping allergens outside where they belong.

We don’t stop there. We offer nationally known products backed by warranties not found by other companies. Yet, we are locally owned—offering the personalized customer service of a small business backed by the strength and recognition of a nationally esteemed brand. Our commitment extends beyond mere transactions; we aim to forge lasting client relationships. At Matute Roofing, your peace of mind, coupled with customer satisfaction, is our top priority. You can rest assured knowing that your home’s enhancements come with the assurance of exceptional quality and durability.

Engineering Excellence in Every Frame

Our replacement windows, also known as retrofit windows, are engineered to facilitate exterior home renovation effortlessly and cater to the diverse needs of homes across the vast area we serve. At the heart of Matute Roofing’s window solutions is energy efficiency. Constructed with heavy-duty materials designed to withstand the test of time, our windows also withstand the elements. The insulated glass works in concert with your home’s heating and cooling systems to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Regardless of the weather outside, they work to keep you comfortable. Furthermore, every window is finished with durable vinyl that retains its beauty for years. You won’t be needing a single stroke of paint. Choosing Matute Roofing means investing in standard features that offer longevity, efficiency, and aesthetics in one package.

Crafting the Perfect Entryway: New Doors That Welcome

Your home’s entrance sets the tone for your personal space. Let Matute Roofing redefine that welcome with our door replacement service, tailored to enrich your home environment every season. Our replacement doors offer:


  • Enhanced Security: A new, sturdy door acts as an effective deterrent to unwanted entry, paired with our professional installation, for optimal peace of mind.
  • Advanced Weatherproofing: Keep the winter wind and summer heat where they belong—outdoors. Our doors are crafted to provide ultimate protection against the elements.
  • Increased Resale Value: New doors don’t just secure your lifestyle; they secure your investment. Upgraded doors are a high-return home improvement that adds value to your property.

Engineered for beauty and performance, Matute Roofing’s array of entry doors is crafted to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. With superior construction, they  won’t succumb to rotting, warping, or twisting. Our selection encompasses a diverse range of door styles and configurations to complement the unique character of your home. With products sourced from national brands, our doors deliver not only durability but superior energy efficiency, elevating your home’s curb appeal. Trust Matute Roofing for your next entry door replacement project, and experience the ideal fusion of functionality and aesthetic excellence.

Superior Lending and Service: Matute Roofing's Promise

At Matute Roofing, we understand the significance of investing in your home’s integrity. That’s why we offer superior lending services alongside our exceptional maintenance, repair, and installation services. We ensure our customers benefit from the best industry standards. Our roofing specialists dedicate themselves to providing you with unbiased, knowledgeable advice to assist you in making informed decisions about your roofing choices and the financing options available. 

With our focus on affordability, we streamline our financing process to accommodate your financial situation. We make the installation or replacement service a comfortable fit for your budget. Our flexible terms and competitive rates remove the stress from roofing expenses, allowing you to move forward with your roofing project without any financial strain. To discover more about our reasonable solutions and discuss the exterior home repair project and financing plan for you, call Matute Roofing today at (973) 618-6489. Our team is ready to provide you with the roof financing options that make sense for your home and wallet.

Financing Solutions Tailored to Your Window & Door Replacement Needs

Choosing Matute Roofing for your home’s renovation means access to financing solutions that cater to your economic preferences. We pride ourselves on offering client-centered financial options that alleviate the burden of upfront costs. Our benefits include:


  • Unsecured Financing with No Fees, No Points, No Closing Costs: Our unsecured financing means you won’t need to worry about additional expenses, allowing you to focus on your home improvements.
  • Payment Plans with Low Monthly Payments: Manage your budget effectively with low monthly payments designed to suit your financial situation.
  • No Interest Plans with Payments: Enjoy the convenience of financing your project without accruing interest, keeping your payments straightforward and budget-friendly.
  • No Interest Plans with NO Payments*: Benefit from our no-interest plans and delay your payments, providing you with financial breathing space.
  • Reduced Rate APR: Take advantage of our reduced Annual Percentage Rate (APR) to make your project more affordable over the long term.
  • Equal Payments with NO Interest: Spread your payments equally over time, all the while not having to pay any interest, making large-scale home improvements more accessible.

At Matute Roofing, we believe financial flexibility is key to achieving your dream home without compromise. Contact us to discuss which financing plan works best for you.  Take the first step towards enhancing your home with confidence.

*Making Your Financing Options Clear: Matute Roofing's Approach

It’s crucial for our customers to know that financing decisions are made exclusively by our lenders. Matute Roofing is here to provide you with detailed exterior repair or replacement service estimates, helping you understand the potential costs associated with your roofing needs. However, when it comes to financing, all rates and payments are subject to customers’ creditworthiness.  They are ultimately determined by bank approval. As a company dedicated to roofing excellence, Matute Roofing is not in the lending business. We do not profit from any financing options we present.

When engaging with one of our third-party lenders, financing is provided under the terms and conditions arranged directly between you, the customer, and the lender. Roof financing programs hinge upon the lender’s approval of your credit requirements and the satisfactory completion of finance documents. While we often discuss potential finance terms, please be advised that these are merely estimates, and your actual terms may vary. Our commitment to transparency ensures that you can make informed decisions without any unexpected surprises.

Why Choose Matute Roofing?

At Matute Roofing, we don’t just service homes; we build relationships. Our family-owned business thrives on the trust and satisfaction of our customers. When you engage with us, you can be sure of:

  • Service that Puts You First: Our commitment to quality and care drives every project we undertake. We treat your home as if it’s our own.
  • Professionalism with Personality: Experience a level of customer service and personalization that’s hard to find in our industry. You’re more than just a customer—you’re a part of our community.
  • 24/7 Emergency Support: We understand that home needs don’t always align with a 9-5 schedule. That’s why we’re available round the clock to address your home’s most urgent needs.

At Matute Roofing, we provide many options while giving you our advice. Check out our residential and commercial services for further information on roof repair, maintenance, replacement, gutter repairs, and cover installations

Don’t let outdated, inefficient windows and doors compromise your lifestyle. See the transformation for yourself—reach out to Matute Roofing for a consultation and experience the peace of mind that comes with a job well done. Our expert technicians will guide you through the process, answer all your questions, and ensure your new windows and doors are precisely what your home needs. With Matute Roofing, your comfort is secured.

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