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As the seasons change and snow turns to flowers which turns to thunderstorms and transitions into windy leaves only to turn back into snow your roof takes a beating. Between the harsh cold, intense heat, and strong winds it’s very possible that significant damage has occurred to your roof. Specifically to your shingles.

Shingle roofs are popular and for good reason. They’re quick and easy to install, affordable, lightweight, low maintenance, and typically sturdy, but even the strongest shingles can eventually feel the wear and tear of weather.

When that happens that’s when we’re available. Are you looking for the best roofing services in New Jersey? Welcome to Matute Roofing, the leading roofing company in New Jersey. For over 20 years we have successfully delivered roofing services, including new roof installation and roof repair for commercial and residential properties.

Shingle Roof Maintenance

Have you looked at your shingle roof in awhile? Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary? Wet spots, a missing panel, or maybe signs of something growing on them? The easiest way to prevent future repair with anything is proper maintenance and this goes for shingles as well.

Is your single roof in need of maintenance? Yes, because every roof needs maintenance of some kind. Especially for those of us who live in harsh weather environments. There’s nothing to worry about of course. At Matute Roofing, our team of experts can look at your roof and make sure that everything is up to standard.

How Does Our Shingle Roof Maintenance Process Work?

Matute Roofing understands that you can’t always keep an eye on your roof 24/7. You can do your best to look at it after intense weather to make sure nothing looks out of the ordinary, but at the end of the day there are going to be spots that you miss. This is where a roof maintenance service like ours proves to be useful.

Our job is to make your roof the best ever; we make sure it’s safe, reliable, and beautiful for as long as possible. There is no greater solution for a roof repair than our services. We tackle your roof, no matter how big the damage is, and repair it to perfection. At Matute Roofing, our job is to make sure your property is covered to your satisfaction. Our crew works to make sure your shingle roof is designed to last for years. We guarantee that our services will leave you feeling safe and happy. We’ve had former users of our services rave about our communication and willingness to work with them. While we enjoy working on your roof the final product is meant to satisfy you at the end of the day. As long as our services leave you pleased with our work then we will consider that a success for everyone.

Do You Need Shingle Repair Or Shingle Maintenance?

Shingle roof maintenance is great for just making sure that nothing is drastically wrong with your roof. If we spot something that seems out of the ordinary then we can move on to the repair phase of your roof without too much problem. This is what maintenance is really about. Making sure that your shingle roof does not have any major problems so it does not turn into something bigger.

If it turns out you do need something larger than just regular shingle roof maintenance then we will have to adjust our plans and see what we can do. Is the repair job going to be more extensive than this or something far smaller? At Matute Roofing, we examine your shingle roof and determine if and where it would need to be repaired. After many repairs, your roof may be better off with a replacement.

After a while, repairing a roof can get expensive. This is why regular roof maintenance is important. You want to keep an eye on your roof so the smaller stuff does not turn into bigger problems.

When Are Your Shingles Damaged?

If you are unsure if your shingles are damaged then give us a call at Matute Roofing and we can come in and make sure that your shingle roof has proper maintenance performed on it. That said, if you’re unsure of when you need to call us out for maintenance then you can either set up a yearly inspection or be on the lookout for any of these shingle related issues.

Rotting Shingles

Rotting shingles are relatively easy to spot, because this is when a shingle will literally begin to rot away. If your shingles are rotting then you should be able to easily remove one with your hands and watch as it crumbles away. This is usually a sign of deeper issues and should be inspected by a professional right away.

Blistering Shingles

If your shingles have a blistering or bubbling appearance to them then they may have a build up of moisture beneath them and in some cases excess gas. Whatever the cause, if you notice blistering shingles then you should call one of our professionals out to come perform maintenance.

Decaying Shingles

Older shingles will begin to decay and deteriorate as anything does when It begins to age, but this is not something you want happening to your roof. One benefit to regular roof inspections is that they can check to make sure this isn’t happening to any of your shingles before they get really bad.

Curling Shingles 

When shingles begin to curl they will look as if they’re being removed from your roof. This is typically a result of poor installation, but can also occur in areas with excessive dryness. One way to help prevent this is regular shingle roof maintenance as this maintenance will help spot any installation issues early.

Missing Shingles

When a shingle is missing it could have happened due to something like strong winds, animals, or the age of the shingle itself. Whatever the cause you should call out a member of our maintenance team to handle it. Not only can they replace the shingle, but they can inspect your roof to make sure the cause wasn’t something more structural.

Why Hire Maintenance?

The reason you hire a maintenance team is because they can look at all of these problems while also helping you with preventive measures to make sure this doesn’t continue to happen. You can’t possibly know when your roof is on the verge of greater damage, but an expert maintenance team like ours can.

Why Trust Us?

We know how hard it is to find the perfect roofing company for you. Especially when it comes to shingle roof maintenance, it’s important that you get the best roofing services. Whether you are repairing, replacing, or installing shingles we’ll make sure you are more than satisfied.

Do not trust just anyone with your roof. We have the licenses and experience to prove to you that we are worth it. Nobody is going to beat our price for the quality of work you are going to get. For 20 years, we have worked successfully at shingle roof maintenance. We are the leading roofing company in New Jersey. We have got years of experience behind us, so it is guaranteed that the job gets done right. Giving you the best roof is our priority, our long list of satisfied clients is proof that your roof will be handled with care and Precision.

Still not convinced? Call Matute Roofing at 973-618-6489 or fill out a contact form. We will be happy to get in contact with you and provide the best solution.

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