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Roof Repair in Warren Township, NJ

Residential and Commercial Roof Repair in Warren Township, NJ

Our roofing experts here at Matute Roofing offer roof repair services in Warren Township, New Jersey! If you find yourself with a leaking roof on your Warren Township home or business, it is definitely time for a repair. You might think that repair costs will severely break the bank, but fear not! Turn to us, the team at Matute Roofing, for help on your residential or commercial roofing in Warren Township. We have 20 years of experience and work with our clients to create the most effective roofing for them. We can provide you with many options on how to repair your roof. Our job is to make sure your roof is beautiful and withstands many years, no matter if it is a residential or commercial roof. No matter where you are in Warren Township, we will be able to help!

How Does Our Roof Repair Process in Warren Township Work?

Matute Roofing looks over your Warren Township lot and examines areas that need to be repaired. It’s normal for a roof to need repairs, especially after any intense weather, and we’ll be there for you to locate the issue and get your roof in top-quality shape. We can tackle your residential or commercial roof, no matter how big or small it is, and handle it with the care that you deserve. Your happiness matters to us, so we will take you through our process and answer any of your questions that you may have. Our Warren Township customers are our top priority at Matute Roofing, and you are considered family from the time we meet at our consultation.

Roof Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance in Warren Township

Sometimes, that little knick in your roof is nothing more than a leaf stuck to your shingles. Other times, what you perceive to be a natural stain on your roof turns out to be the result of a massive leak. This is why it is so important to determine the differences between repair, replacement, and maintenance. If you understand the differences between these two procedures, then figuring out what to do with your Warren Township residential or commercial roof will be much easier.

In order to determine which service is right for you, it is important to discuss what exactly is wrong with your roof and what caused it to become this way. People often want roof repairs after encountering a hardship with their roof, such as unpredictable weather damage. People who seek help from damaging leaks will need to seek a roof repair. After a while, repairing a roof can get expensive. It may be more efficient to have your roof replaced. However, people who seek roof maintenance want to make sure that their currently-operational roof is healthy. They may experience some minor damages that can be easily fixed, such as a clogged gutter. We can determine the best option for you, and our crew will help carry out the duties to whichever option you decide. At Matute Roofing, our goal is to help our customers with the best solution possible.

At Matute Roofing, we offer roof repair, replacement, and maintenance for residential and commercial roofs in Warren Township, NJ. Maintenance is like a check-up for your roof, and we advise that you have this service done for your roof. With roof maintenance services, we examine your roof to make sure it’s upholding its top quality and it’s looking great, too.

Storm Roof Repair Services in Warren Township

Here in New Jersey, you understand the damage that our homes can take during and after a storm. If you are in need of special roof repair services in Warren Township, look no further. 

It might be difficult to determine whether a repair or replacement is better for your Warren Township roof during these times. Roof repairs are great for simple fixes, while replacements are better if your roof has sustained significant damage. It may be necessary to repair residential and commercial roofs in Warren Township, as weather can often leave unpredictable damages. Even the best roofs fall victim to unpredictable extreme weather. At Matute Roofing, we examine your roof and determine if and where it needs to be repaired.

Common Causes of Damage in Warren Township, NJ

Here is a rundown of the services that we offer in order to ensure the security and safety of your roof


Storms can cause significant water and hail damage to your roof. Wind can rip off shingles and blow debris on your roof. 

Tree limbs

If a tree limb falls on your roof or through your roof, we can help! Depending on the scope of the damage, we can do simple repairs to your roof.

Snow damage

Snow can weigh your roof down, causing damage. Not only is it important to repair your roof after snow damage, but it is also crucial that you check your roof before the winter seasons so that you can prepare your roof as much as possible.

Leaky roofs

If you notice your roof leaking, it may be a simple fix. However, it could also be a sign of a larger problem, such as rot. It is best to call an expert immediately if you notice a leaky roof, whether it is a significant problem or not. 

Leaky pipe collars, flashing, and chimneys

All of these elements may indicate you need your roof repaired. If you have a chimney, any potential or impending damages can end up severely damaging the rest of the house if they are not properly maintained. 

Loose and damaged shingles

Shingles may become loose over time. In addition, they can harbor rot or mildew. If you notice missing shingles or moss growing between your shingles, call the experts at Matute Roofing as soon as possible.

Fascia wind damage

If you were unfamiliar, fascia is a piece of wood or another roofing material that covers the ends of rafters. Fascia is especially prone to wind damage. If you notice damage, call an expert to have your roof repaired. 

Rotting wood

Over time, wood can experience rot and decay. This can impact the structural integrity of your roof. Although it is likely that the rot can be fixed or repaired, there is a chance that a total roof replacement is needed.

Damaged venting

Damaged venting is a sure sign your roof needs repair! Much like the previously mentioned causes of roof damage, your vents can also be damaged through similar causes. 

Collapsed roofs

You will probably notice if your roof collapses! This is definitely something that you cannot put off because it is not only damaging to your home but could also result in danger for you and your family. Call an expert immediately for repairs. 

Important Parts of Your Roofing To Inspect in Warren Township, NJ

There are a number of different aspects of your roof to look out for potential damages. Here are just a few that are important to consider when analyzing the damages made to your roof:

  • Soffit
    • This is the wood area beneath your roof overhang. Holes, cracks, and rotting may occur in this region due to natural elements or animals. Pests are attracted to this area, so pay close attention to these! Make sure you call the team at Matute Roofing as soon as you see any abnormal changes or uncomfortable damages in this area.
  • Gutter
    • Leaves and water can quickly build up in your gutters and weigh them down. This can result in damage! Make sure to clean gutters regularly and check for damage, as unclean gutters not only look gross but can also accumulate in some serious damage, as well.
  • Flashing
    • This is the material around pipes and vents on your roof. This area is prone to water leaks and damage. If you see any leaks or damages around your roof fixtures, do not hesitate to call Matute Roofing so we can inspect and see what exactly is wrong with the area your flashing is located. 
  • Fascia
    • This is the front area along your roofline. It is sensitive to water and moisture. Since it is commonly made out of wood, it is important to regularly inspect this area in case of rot.
  • Shingles
    • If you notice discoloration or warping of your shingles, that is a good indicator your roof will soon need repair. Although there are multiple different types of shingle roofs on the market, they all need to be analyzed with the same care and attention.

Why Trust Us for Roof Repair in Warren Township?

We know how hard it is to find the perfect Warren Township roof repair company for you. It’s important that you get the best roofing services for your residential lot. Whether you’re repairing, replacing, or installing roofs we’ll make sure you’re satisfied. For 20 years, we’ve worked successfully at installing roofs. We’re the leading roofing company in New Jersey. We’ve got years of experience behind us, so it’s guaranteed that the job gets done right. Giving you the best roof is our priority, our long list of satisfied clients is proof that your roof will be handled with care and precision.

Residential and Commercial Roof Repair in Warren Township, NJ

Still not convinced? Call Matute Roofing at 973-618-6489 or fill out a contact form at the top of this page. We will be happy to get in contact with you and provide the best solution, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Why Use Matute Roofing


Matute Roofing provides roofing industry-leading warranty coverage for roof replacement services that covers materials and labor, should you need any future roofing repairs.


Affordable No Hassel Financing! There are many financing options for roof replacement and repair projects in New Jersey. The Financing includes low monthly payments and no prepayment penalties.


Matute Roofing is fully insured and licensed with The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. We obtain all the necessary roofing permits and you avoid all of the hassel!


We are registered as a Roofing Contractor with The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. Learn more about us from the Better Business Bureau or from references which we will gladly provide to you.