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You’re relaxing at the end of the day and you hear a dripping sound. Your roof is leaking, and it’s time for a repair. Turn to us, Matute Roofing, for help on your residential roofing. We have 20 years of experience and work with our clients to create the most effective roofing for them. We can provide you with many options on how to repair your roof. Our job is to make sure your roof is beautiful and withstands many years.

How Does Our Residential Roof Repair Process Work?
Matute Roofing looks over your residential lot and examines areas that need to be repaired. It’s normal for a roof to need repairs, especially after any intense weather, and we’ll be there for you to locate the issue and get your roof in top-quality shape. We can tackle your residential roof, no matter how big or small it is, and handle it with care. Your happiness matters to us, so we will take you through our process and answer any of your questions that you may have. Our customers are our top priority at Matute Roofing.
Do You Need Roof Repair Or Roof Replacement?
Roof repairs are great for simple fixes. It may be necessary to repair residential roofs, as weather can often leave unpredictable damages. Even the best roofs fall victim to unpredictable extreme weather. At Matute Roofing, we examine your roof and determine if and where it needs to be repaired. After many repairs, your roof may be better off with a replacement. After a while, repairing a roof can get expensive. It may be more efficient to have your roof replaced. We can determine the best option for you, and our crew will help carry out the duties to whichever option you decide. At Matute Roofing, our goal is to help our customers with the best solution possible.

Why Trust Us?

We know how hard it is to find the perfect roofing company for you. It’s important that you get the best roofing services for your residential lot. Whether you’re repairing, replacing, or installing roofs we’ll make sure you’re satisfied. For 20 years, we’ve worked successfully at installing roofs. We’re the leading roofing company in New Jersey. We’ve got years of experience behind us, so it’s guaranteed that the job gets done right. Giving you the best roof is our priority, our long list of satisfied clients is proof that your roof will be handled with care and precision.

Still not convinced? Call Matute Roofing at 973-618-6489 or fill out a contact form. We will be happy to get in contact with you and provide the best solution.

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Why Use Matute Roofing


Matute Roofing provides roofing industry-leading warranty coverage for roof replacement services that covers materials and labor, should you need any future roofing repairs.


Affordable No Hassel Financing! There are many financing options for roof replacement and repair projects in New Jersey. The Financing includes low monthly payments and no prepayment penalties.


Matute Roofing is fully insured and licensed with The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. We obtain all the necessary roofing permits and you avoid all of the hassel!


We are registered as a Roofing Contractor with The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. Learn more about us from the Better Business Bureau or from references which we will gladly provide to you.