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Rain Gutter Benefits & Why They Are Crucial For Your Roof

Rain Gutter Benefits & Why They Are Crucial For Your Roof

The roof of your home is one of the essential elements in keeping your house safe and secure. While it may seem that maintaining a roof is all about shingles, tiles, and other materials, proper maintenance of your roof gutters can be just as important. Clean gutters are crucial for optimal performance and extending your roof’s life. Homeowners sometimes overlook rain gutter benefits, but they are vital to keeping your shingles healthy. If you suspect your roof is failing and you think rain gutter installation may help, contacting a professional at Matute Roofing can help you avoid a more costly problem down the road.

The Function of Roof Gutters

Roof gutters serve an important purpose. They collect rainwater from the roof and direct it away from the house via downspouts. This feature prevents water damage to both the interior and exterior walls. Without gutters, rainwater would simply flow off the side of the house, onto landscaping, or directly into foundations, damaging both over time. These issues make regular gutter maintenance essential to preventing costly repairs down the line.

Rain Gutter Benefits to Your Home

  • Without roof gutters, rainwater would likely collect on your roof. The rain finds its way under the roof’s shingles, whether within loose shingles or backup of your gutter system. Rot, deterioration, and mold are all problems associated with a lack of rain gutters. These problems weaken your shingles, soffit, and fascia. 


  • Additionally, water penetrating your roofing materials can cause a roof leak. Leaks cause damage to your attic insulation, the home’s HVAC systems, interior ceilings, and walls.


  • Without rain gutters, water runs down from your roof to your landscaping. Issues develop when water sits in an undrainable location, such as flower beds or potted plants. Plants suffer if there is too much water in their area, and mosquitoes thrive in standing water. The benefit of rain gutters is that they drive water away from locations such as these immediately after installation. 


  • Water runoff accumulates in the soil and potentially floods your basement or crawlspace. The purpose of a rain gutter system is to direct large volumes of water away from your home’s foundation into an area where it drains into a more well-suited area.


Winter and Gutter Maintenance

Keeping gutters clean during winter is especially important because clogged gutters create ice dams. Ice dams potentially damage both the roofing material and the gutter system. An ice dam occurs when snow on the roof melts as heat escapes from inside your home. When temperatures drop, the water re-freezes into a solid sheet along your eaves or gutter line. We often see this issue as prevalent at night. The solid sheet of ice prevents additional melting snow from draining off your roof correctly, which can cause water to back up under shingles or tiles, leading to leaks in ceilings or walls. It’s essential to have clean gutters before winter sets. By clearing debris from them regularly throughout the fall season, homeowners ensure rain gutters function correctly during cold weather months.


Keeping your gutters isn’t only a job when preparing for the winter. Periodically checking your gutters throughout the year also benefits your roofing system. Water can sit and back up within your gutter system when storm debris is left clogging your gutters after a storm. This standing water could get to levels that will allow the edges of your shingles to sit in water. Mold, algae, and rot are all problems seen with clogged gutters.


Gutter Protection Systems

If you want extra protection against clogged gutters, consider adding a gutter protection system such as guards or covers. They keep leaves, dirt, sticks, and other debris out while allowing rainwater to flow freely. The guard or cover protects water runoff or gutter blockage due to heavy accumulation. Although these systems cost more upfront than regular cleaning services, they often pay for themselves over time by extending the life of your roof and gutter system while saving you time spent on maintenance every year. These are an added benefit to your rain gutters.


Maintenance is a Key to Your Roof Gutters

Cleaning your gutters regularly throughout the fall seasons should be integral to any homeowner’s maintenance routine—especially before winter hits. Protecting your roof from potential damage is not a fall-only activity. Installing guards or covers benefit your rain gutters by reducing blockage, but they can also be affected by winter’s harsh weather. 


If you found yourself buried under this past winter’s snow, it is essential to check your gutters and roof once all the snow and ice have melted. You never know what problems could be hidden and waiting to rear their ugly heads at the most inopportune time. 

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Roofing Issue? Call Matute Roofing!

If you believe gutter issues have caused roofing issues, contact Matute Roofing to come and take a look. As residential and commercial roofing specialists, we can assess the damage to any roofing material. Our knowledgeable staff can steer you in the right direction for roofing repairs, replacement, and maintenance. Don’t wait until the damage is severe and costs you additional money. As one of the few GAF-certified contractors in the state, Matute Roofing prides itself on providing high-quality services. No project is too big or small for experts in all types of roofing. 


With over 30 years of experience helping customers with their roofing needs, we stand behind our products and installation services. Working with the best will ensure your roof remains in good condition for many years. If you have any concerns, call Matute Roofing for advice. If you require inspections, repairs, or other roofing services, please call us at 973-618-6489. You can also fill out our contact form or check us out on social media — Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

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