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Gutter Guard Installation

Keep Your Gutters Flowing Freely with Gutter Guards

When the skies open up and the rain comes pouring down, your gutters stand as the first line of defense, protecting your home from potential water damage. By installing gutter guards, you can significantly reduce the amount of leaves, twigs, and other debris that often find their way into your gutters. Although they don’t eliminate the need for routine gutter maintenance, gutter covers also help drastically reduce the frequency and duration of these often laborious clean-up tasks. With gutter guards, you’ll spend less time on a ladder, clearing out your gutters, and more time enjoying your home.

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At Matute Roofing, our highly qualified gutter maintenance experts are committed to ensuring that your gutters are always working optimally to protect your home from potential water damage. We are always just a phone call away and ready to provide swift, professional service. If you’re considering installing gutter guards in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Get started on your project by calling 973-618-6489 or visiting our Contact Us page. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your gutters and home are in good hands.


Prevent Clogged Gutters and Protect Your Investment

One of the primary benefits of gutter guards is that they help to prevent clogged gutters. When your gutters are clogged, water can easily back up and flow over the edges, potentially causing damage to your home’s foundation, roofing, and siding, not to mention cosmetic damage to flower beds and patio extensions. Unfortunately, damage is not limited to the exterior of your home. Water can also find its way into basements, walls, attics, and crawl spaces.

When water overflows from your gutters, it can seep into the foundation of your home, causing cracks and erosion. Water can also leak into your walls and roof, leading to mold growth and damage to your home’s structure. By installing gutter guards, you’ll prevent clogs and keep water flowing freely away from your home, protecting it from potential water damage.


Pest Have No Business Being in Your Gutters

Clogs also create the perfect environment for pests and insects to take up residence in your gutters, leading to additional problems down the line. With gutter guards, you can keep leaves and debris out of your gutters, preventing clogs and the associated damage. You’ll also limit the potential nesting opportunities for pests like birds, squirrels, and rodents. By keeping your gutters clean and free of debris, you’ll discourage pests from taking up residence in your home’s gutter system.

Regular Gutter Maintenance: Still Essential With Gutter Guards

Although installing gutter guards dramatically reduces the frequency of gutter cleanings, it doesn’t eliminate the need for it, especially if you live in an area with plenty of trees. Without gutter guards, you’ll have to climb up a ladder multiple times yearly to clear your gutters. This process can be dangerous and exhausting work, not to mention time-consuming. 

Experts still recommend cleaning your gutters at least once every two years, even with gutter guards and hoods installed. This cleaning is necessary because tiny particles and seedlings can still find their way through the guards, eventually accumulating and potentially causing minor blockages over time. Therefore, regular check-ups and cleanings are crucial to ensure the longevity and maximum functionality of your gutter system.

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If you’re uncomfortable or don’t have the time to clean them, there’s no need to worry. Gutter maintenance often includes professionals ready to deliver professional and efficient services. With proper help, you can ensure that your gutters, even with guards installed, continue to work optimally, diverting water away from your home and protecting your property from the potential damage of water overflow. Instead of spending hours on a ladder with leaves and debris raining down on you, you can spend that time enjoying your home and family.

The Long-Term Value of Gutter Guards: An Investment Worth Making

At first glance, investing in gutter guards may seem like a sizable expense. However, it’s essential to consider the long-term functionality and value they offer. Gutter guards reduce the risk of water damage to your home by ensuring that water can flow freely through your gutters, even during the heaviest rainfalls. In regions that experience a lot of rain or snow, this added protection is even more critical. 

With proper installation by a professional, gutter guards can actually increase your home’s value. They demonstrate a commitment to maintaining your home and protecting it from potential damage, features that are appealing to prospective buyers. So, while there is an initial cost, the long-term benefits of gutter guards make them a sound investment for your home. They not only save you time and effort with gutter maintenance but also contribute to preserving your home’s condition and value over time. When you weigh the costs against the benefits, it’s clear that gutter guards are well worth the upfront investment.


Types of Gutter Guards 

There are a variety of gutter guards to choose from, each with unique features and varying costs. When you work with Matute Roofing, we promise you will feel comfortable with your choices. Our team will help you weigh the options and consider your budget. We allow you to sleep soundly at night as rainwater moves away from your home.  

Metal Mesh Screens 

Metal mesh screens are a popular choice for gutter guards. They are typically made from stainless steel or aluminum and cost between $1 and $4 per linear foot to install. However, their design allows small amounts of debris to pass through, which may require occasional cleaning.

Micro-Mesh Screens 

Micro-mesh screens are one of the more expensive gutter guards, but they are incredibly effective. Priced at an average of $9 per linear foot for installation, they feature a metal screen covered with wire mesh that stops almost all types of debris. Keep in mind that these may require professional installation.

Vinyl Grid 

As another affordable option, vinyl grids cost between $1 and $4 per linear foot to install. While cost-effective, they may not possess the same durability as their metal counterparts. 

Full Surface Tension Covers 

Full surface tension covers are constructed from a solid sheet of metal that blocks debris, allowing water to pass through a small gap. Although more expensive, with costs ranging from $4 to $8 per linear foot, this gutter guard offers solid performance. 

Plastic Screen 

PVC or plastic screens are a new player in the gutter guard industry, providing an affordable alternative in areas with milder weather. However, plastic screens are fragile and can shatter upon impact. Plastic gutter guards cost $0.40 to $1 per linear foot and $80 to $200 with installation.

The State of Your Existing Gutters: A Crucial Consideration

Before investing in gutter guards, it’s imperative to ensure your existing gutters are in good condition – an essential factor for your new gutter guards to work effectively. Gutters can have a lifespan ranging from 10 to 100 years, largely dependent on the material used. Copper gutters typically exhibit the longest durability, while vinyl gutters tend to have a shorter lifespan.

If your gutters are not in optimal condition, you should ideally budget for any necessary repairs or replacements. Matute Roofing can help you assess the state of your current gutters as the first vital step before introducing gutter guards into your home’s rainwater management system. Our team can provide a comprehensive inspection and advise you on the best course of action. 

Installing gutter guards is a crucial step in maintaining your home’s integrity and protecting it from potential damages caused by water overflow. By investing in gutter guards, you not only save time and effort with maintenance but also add value to your property. With various types of gutter guards available, options suit every budget and climate. Don’t wait until water damage becomes an issue – invest in gutter guards today for long-term peace of mind and protection.

Keep Your Gutters Flowing Freely with Gutter Guards

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